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is a unique accelerator for first-time entepreneurs or entepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey 

1 / We get our start-ups covered, helping with all the aspects necessary to get pre-seed, seed or round A investment

2 / We help with both business and technical aspects,  connect startups with investors, keeping in mind that selecting investor is also an important strategical decision
3 / We specialize in creating innovative and supportive work environment, while growing experts

4 / Our team includes business-oriented mentors, technical gurus, AI- experts, and always helps our start-ups to connect with the key experts in their domain

5 / We give preference to international ventures and invest heavily in the development and institutionalization of such ventures, believing that internationality grows originality and many competitive advantages

If you think that you have a disruptive technology - feel free to contact us, our application process in easy and fun

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